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Basics of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for Today’s Businesses

Digital Marketing is an essential tool for today’s business growth. Without Digital Marketing, Online Marketing is a farce. Digital Marketing is suitable for all kinds of businesses irrespective of categories or industry verticals. Digital Marketing is applicable to local business as it benefits large corporate houses spread over a nation or even internationally – though Digital Marketing approaches and methods vary between sizes and types of businesses. Products or services that come under Business-to-Consumers (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2C) can all use Digital Marketing as a marketing method to further their business interests. Even manufacturers or suppliers of industrial equipment, machinery, goods and supplies can avail Digital Marketing to their advantage.

The present and practical fact however is businesses that take to Digital Marketing can only survive in the all-things-getting-digital marketplace and those businesses that do not turn to Digital Marketing become obsolete. For getting the best benefits, hire a Blurn Adwords Agency Sydney who has a proven record and success track with the length and breadth of Digital Marketing services to suit your business needs. Good Digital Marketing companies have the right skill-sets and expertise and have the ability to present with excellent execution that helps achieve your desired goals.

Different Constituents of Digital Marketing

Before getting into the details of the discussion of Digital Marketing implementation, let us understand what really constitutes Digital Marketing. On the outset, Digital Marketing comprises fundamental modules such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Analytics. A Digital Marketing company in Australia adept at handling all these constituents with a professional approach will be your great Digital Marketing partner and service provider.

Relevance of Digital Marketing Tools

The choice of different Digital Marketing Tools is made based on the requirements of your Digital Marketing strategy. The processes involved are defined, dictated and driven by your business goals. Your Digital Marketing campaign goals can be short term or long term. Moreover, the nature of your business category and the target audience to reach out to determine the steps undertaken in your Digital Marketing process.

Given the nature of appeal that your Digital Marketing efforts have to create and types of Call-To-Actions to trigger, you and your Digital Marketing Agency have to decide to go ahead with one or more Digital Marketing modules. 

Examples of various products and Digital Marketing methods:

  • If your product comes under a B2B category, business directories are ideal promotional tools. 
  • If you want to reach out to young men and women and sell your products through online, you may do Outbound Marketing through Facebook Outreach Ads.
  • If you are looking for Lead Generation, you can use more than one module or activity to to raise or create leads. In this case, one single methodology may not produce the desired results.
  • If you are a clothing brand and want to create brand presence across online platforms to get massive visibility, store sales and online sales, you may need to adopt a full fledged Digital Marketing suite.
  • Large business enterprises use a plethora of approaches and methods to achieve multiple objectives such as Pay-Per-Clicks website visits, Content Marketing to generate inbound leads, Social Media for outbound brand promotion, and Google Analytics to monitor if the campaign is going in the right direction and that the ad spends are all effective. 

Depending on your promotional plans, you may pick single or multiple tools and methods for Digital Marketing. Some brands prefer to be active and lively, and hence use interactive Social Media such as Twitter to get real streaming feedback with a view to captivate their audience’s true emotions, actions on their brand mentions, hashtag tagging and such things. 

You may use the happening Social Media platforms with pictures, videos, fun and infographics to stimulate audience interest and achieve better results. Through carefully drafted Digital Marketing strategy, you do product announcements, sales promotions, press releases, awareness campaigns and many more. Use of the right content  and graphics will give you the right connectivity with your target audience.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Business Objectives are formed from Strategies and then follow the choice of media tools, methods and methodologies. Your micro strategies define the promotional methods. For instance,  a blog is a good content marketing tool. Your micro strategy defines and finetunes that types of blogs you will lay hands on  depending upon your product category. The periodicity of content publishing in blogs, the tone of designs and the keywords used are controlled by your microstrategy. Moreover, the type of web traffic that you expect on your web page determines the types of websites that you place your backlinks on. So, your Digital Marketing strategies and goals decide the direction of your Digital Marketing activities.

Quality of Content

It is more often than not that content is the one that determines the success of a Digital Marketing campaign. Having said this, it is the quality more than the quality that determines the success quotient of a Digital Marketing campaign. Content quality is of paramount importance wherever used. You have to give extreme importance to content that you create in different forms such as business and product descriptions, ad copies, banner slogans, graphics, videos, image alt texts, backlink anchor texts, keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions. Content quality also means the use of keywords in optimum density in descriptions, meta tags, articles, blogs, case studies and other campaign materials. 

Good content drives traffic to the website not only by impressing the end users or the readers of blogs, articles or ads, but also impressing the search engine robots when browsers use the search queries to find what they want. Google Algorithm is all about keywords. Only through the keyword phrases Google brings out the results in its search results pages. The website that gets good ranking scores for a search query appears top in the SERP which is dependent on nearly 200 factors including the website’s history, Domain Authority, Page Authority, relevance, etc. 

Google indexes websites based on keywords like books are stored in a library for specific topics and sub-topics. So, when a user types in a keyword phrase or search query, Google produces the best results in the search results page with the most relevant web pages on top and others successively. So, use only the most appropriate and relevant keywords when you describe your business anywhere in your digital content. On the contrary, if irrelevant content is found in your website or web links in external web pages leading to your website, Google penalizes your website for misleading the search engines and thereby its users. 

Quality content rewards your business in multiple ways such as getting you more likes, more clicks, more engagements, more followers, more shares, more subscriptions, and top search engine results. Always use original content without plagiarism. This ensures your website is not blocked or penalized by Google. The originality of your content is vital to Digital Marketing success in Blurn Melbourne Australia. In content promotion, other things that are important are the grammar and the consistency to the main subject. 

Online platforms give importance to content accuracy or relevancy to even paid ads. Pay-Per-Click ads and Facebook ads work well with better ad content. Moreover, banners and images with connecting content and alt text easily get found in Google and attracts more clicks thereby increasing the potential of more business conversions for your business. Ads with quality content would not require huge investments whereas ads with poor quality content not only cost more but also get a lesser chance of getting approved. Ads with poor ad copies may also result in website blocking by the online platforms.


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