Know how document workflow automation streamlines the approval process

When it comes to business operations, some kind of approval process remains associated with them. While the process is a fairly straightforward one, it often becomes time-consuming and tedious, especially when manual methods are used. When there’re delays in the approval process, it not only hinders the day-to-day operations but causes frustration in employees and clients, and increases risks as well. Many businesses in Sydney have implemented Checkbox Document Automation Software for Lawyers.

So if you too have a business in Sydney, Australia, there’s no reason why you should lag behind. Let’s discuss the importance of solutions like document workflow automation from Checkbox in streamlining and expediting the approval process. Let’s review the obstacles in the process and see how such a solution can help you out:

·More time is taken to create documents that need to be approved

If you need a simple contract, for example, to get approved, you can simply copy a similar contract, make the changes required, and send it for approval. But if you need to create a contract that mentions complex deals and many parties, it will not only be an error-prone task but take much more time to prepare as well.

You may need to review a lot of different documents, take notes from several other people before you can manually input data and create it. However, with an automated solution like document workflow automation from Checkbox, you can create such a complicated contract by investing a much lesser amount of time and effort. By automating the creation of contracts and other documents, you can also ensure that only the current templates are used and the contracts remain compliant.

·Unsystematic method

Once the document is created and sent for internal approval, there are several factors that lead to disorganisation. For instance, how the contract should be edited, how to track the changes made, etc. And sometimes, even the originator may not be able to know the actual status of the document. All these make it almost impossible to get approval in a timely manner. Using an efficient solution such as document workflow automation you can easily streamline the entire process. From editing the contract using Word and reviewing the comments of different people to tracking the changes – you can do everything effortlessly!

·Delays in getting final approval(s)

Sometimes getting final approval(s) becomes an uphill task, particularly when the signees are in other locations. From the signees are on leave to their inability to open the document on their mobile devices – there can be different factors that delay the approval process. But with document workflow automation you can ensure that the process gets completed in a timely manner. Signees can leverage e-signatures to give approvals at any time from anywhere. You can also use such solutions to send automatic reminders to the signees about important dates to eliminate the possibilities of delays.

Here’s the deal

In short, you can streamline many steps in the approval process by using intelligent solutions like document workflow automation offered by Checkbox. Using such solutions lets you manage the entire process efficiently, from creating the document to getting the final approval. If you’re ready to implement this software, you can contact Checkbox to get started and see how it makes the approval process a breeze! For more details Contact Checkbox Australia.


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