Small-Scale Ventures for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

Tired of playing second fiddle to your boss? Do you know in your heart of hearts that you were meant to be your own woman or man? Maybe your calling is in small-scale businesses. These are businesses that have a very simple business model or sometimes no model at all because production or goods or service is usually done by one person or a small team who is dedicated to quality over quantity.

Here are some small-scale businesses that you can dabble in.

Import and Export

With online delivery being what it is, you no longer have to worry about all the paper work and red tape that big businesses do. You can open an online store that caters to a small region; get items like costume jewellery, scarves and sunglasses, simple clothes and other accessories and you can open your own business like kids girls clothing stores geelong, or another area that you are familiar with. Hook up with a supplier in China or in Thailand or even buy the items online at any of the larger online stores and stock up on the goods at your house or rent a small shop space. Advertise via social media and you will have plenty of people willing to pay you for the items that you managed to get so cheaply.

Customized Stationary

Customized anything is so in right now that anything you make, from greeting cards to wrapping paper, will sell like hot cakes. If you are artistic all the better! Draw little cartoons and illustrations and put your work on social media sites and online art stores in order to get some exposure. Once the online orders start rolling in, start selling to local book shops that are willing to experiment a bit. Imagine how thrilled people will be to receive a professional looking greeting card that features scenes from their life or a gift wrapped in wrapping paper with their name printed on it.

Yum Yum’s

Food is a no-fail because edibles will always sell. Just have a competitive price structure; if you are good at cooking this will not be a problem. Find the delis and markets that sell the ingredients you need for wholesale prices so that the cost will be low. This will enable you to sell your delicacies for a lot lower than the puffed up prices at bakeries and patisseries. Bake, cook, decorate and take your boxes of goodies to the nearest farmer’s market. This is a great way to test the waters a bit. If your food sells within the first half of the market opening then consider your food a success. You can expand later, but remember not to lose your taste.



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