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The Desk Chair Da Vinci: How To Stimulate Creativity At Work

Think about that new, shiny cell phone purchased. Then, think about that smart new outfit in your closet waiting to be worn, and let’s not mention your stylist’s take on the many versions of the modern bob. When at lunch, consider the many different fusions of cultures and palates that make up the menu at any of your favourite eating establishment.

The one thing that ties all of these things together is that they are the culmination of creativity at its finest. Whether in teams or individually, all great ideas have their origin in the simplest ideas that people ponder or talk about in conversation. Every day, professionals can be creative even in the most boring work environment, but some of the greatest thinkers know how to draw on this creativity.

Keep reading to learn how you can stimulate creativity while at work.

Move Around

One of the best ways to get out of an office space rut is to move around. Whether it means moving your work to another desk in the office, the change of scenery can spark creativity simply by having a different stimulus that acts as an agent on creative thought. Furthermore, working in a new location gives you a different perspective on your environment, which can help you look at the problem from an alternative view.

Today’s office formats provide professionals with sophisticated shared space with great views, so working in one place is not a barrier to creativity. If a part of a shared floor plan, consider moving to a place in the building that offers a view of the city. People meandering about taking care of business, talking on the phone, catching cabs, and simply grabbing a cup of coffee or a newspaper can be the spark needed for creative thinking.

Engage In Play

One of the best ways to increase creativity in the workspace is to not be afraid to take breaks. Just as children get a lot of their creativity through play, adults can find that taking a break and hanging out with other co-workers, playing a little solitaire on the computer, reading interesting tidbits online (especially if humorous), and even shopping online can interrupt the drudgery of work. If anything, it gives you a mental break and is another way to change the scenery.

Change Gears

If working on a task and stumped, place the task on hold and work on something else. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a rut because we are looking at the same project, which inspires little new thought. In walking away from the project momentarily, we give our mind the chance to reboot, so when we do eventually get back to the task we can approach it from a fresh perspective.

Go Crazy Exploring Ideas

Because it is the office, the natural inclination is to hold back. However, when trying to boost creativity, you want to think about the task from all perspectives. This means including all of the craziest, nonsensical ideas that come to mind, and there is a place for both the sane and the insane to exist. From this group of ideas, inspiration can be drawn on even the smallest idea.


If you like to exercise during your lunch break, endorphins can assist you in coming up with the most creative ideas. Your mind usually relaxed while you concentrate on fitness, and just as you are in mid-stride, mid-pose (yoga), mid-jump, boom, the idea comes to you. Exercise is one of the best ways to boost creativity while at work.

Creativity Through Many Channels

Creativity comes to people in many different ways. Usually, when our minds are relaxed, we have a better chance of drawing on the type of creativity that promotes productivity. The irony of workplace creativity is that is harnessed much of the time when we are relaxed.

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