What to Know About Pot Watering Spikes

Watering plants can be a tedious task and most of the time, you can actually forget about this which can lead to your garden losing its vibrancy. But there are innovative tools designed to automate the process of watering plants and pot watering spikes are one such option.

You can look for online stores to find a garden tool set that comes with all the important bits and bobs so that you can maintain your garden easily. One of the tools or accessories that can become quite useful is the pot watering spike. These are also called self-watering spikes and these will deliver water directly to the roots of potted plants. The spike is inserted into the soil of any plant pot and this is what connects the water reservoir to the plant soil. The soil will slowly absorb water and the roots of the plant will be hydrated as a result. The plant will enjoy consistent moisture and you can prevent over or under watering the plant. There is great convenience in using pot watering spikes as the watering process can be automated. The need for manual watering can be reduced when you use these and it can save a lot of effort and time. Water will be delivered to the roots directly from the spikes and this can ensure consistent moisture levels in the soil. The plant will not be exposed to drought stress or waterlogging that can be caused by under or over watering.

You can also conserve water by using watering spikes

As water is sent directly to the plant roots. This will minimise evaporation of water and water runoff. To ensure proper health and growth of plants, you need to have sufficient hydration. Optimal hydration levels can be maintained by pot watering spikes and this can ensure healthy root development. If you tend to travel quite often or if you stay away from home for extended periods, you will need a solution to water your plants. And pot watering spikes can be a great option to keep the plants hydrated while you are not there. There are different pot watering spikes and you can choose a type depending on the size of the plant pot, plant type and watering preferences. There are ceramic watering spikes. The ceramic cone is porous and it will gradually release water into the soil. This is a great option for slow and consistent watering and you can use this for outdoor and indoor plants both.

There are plastic watering spikes

As well and these tend to be quite durable and lightweight so you can use them in garden beds and outdoor plant pots. There are adjustable flow control valves in plastic watering spikes so that you can customise the rate of watering. Natural clay is used for terracotta watering spikes and these have great water retention properties. Water is released into the soil gradually and you can enjoy consistent moisture levels. You can also create your own DOY watering spikes using household items like tubing, wine corks and plastic bottles. You can consider the specific pot size and the watering requirements of the plant when making these DIY spikes. You have to choose the right watering spike so that it matches the watering needs of your plant, type of pot and the size of plant.


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